This review relates to August 2017.

The staff are wonderful and attentive, the place is clean and doesn’t smell. They took great care of my mother. There were weekly activities and outside people that came in weekly to do haircuts, massage, pedicure and manicures (all at an additional cost). There’s a garden and off road car parking and they are very flexible on visiting hours as well as always available on the phone.

Overall Standard: Excellent     Care: Excellent     Cleanliness: Excellent     Safety: Excellent     Staff: Excellent

Treated with Dignity: Excellent       Activities: Excellent      Management: Excellent      Food & Drink: Excellent

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely


Miss Victoria Cantons

Daughter of Resident, review relates to August 2017

This review relates to February 2017.

Norbury Hall is a first rate Care Home. I have experience with other homes, all good, but Norbury Hall is the best. Many aspects make this home special. Here are a few:
1-The home is family run and it shows. They treat each person as an individual, with unique needs and desires.
2- The staff are friendly, compassionate and really professional. They greet each person by name and engage in individual conversations.
3- The hygiene standards are impressive.
4- The rooms have many special features, including disability friendly lighting, door handles, and a special discreet door that a gurney could fit thru in an emergency- Genius!
5- I’m told the food is delicious and the variety is good.
6- They are on lovely gated grounds and it feels like a stately home, not a locked in a situation.
7- The activities are plentiful and varied.
8- Medical, hair styling etc available on site.

And more! What a blessing to find this place for my relative.

Overall Standard: Excellent    Care / Support: Excellent    Cleanliness: Excellent

Treated with Dignity: Excellent   Food & Drink: Excellent   Management: Excellent   Staff: Excellent

Facilities: Good   Activities: Excellent   Safety: Excellent   Rooms: Excellent   Value for Money: Excellent

J Grossman

Relative of Resident

I was impressed with how my sister improved immediately on entry to Norbury Hall. Excellent care and attention was given to her throughout her many years at Norbury Hall and I was alerted well in advance of her passing away. I had no concerns regarding my sisters care throughout her stay, other of my relatives were always welcomed by the home and their staff.

Overall Standard: Excellent  Facilities: Excellent   Care/Support: Excellent   Cleanliness: Excellent  

Treated with Dignity: Excellent  Food & Drink:Excellent    Staff: Excellent   Activities: Excellent

Management: Excellent   Safety / Security: Excellent   Value for Money: Excellent

How likely would you recommend? Extremely Likely
Mr B Crehan

Review given 3rd October 2016

This review relates to October 2016.

From the moment my mother arrived at Norbury Hall Residential Care Home, she was treated with care, consideration, and respect. Friendly staff are always on hand to help and to encourage the residents and there are many activities to keep them active. Visitors are welcome at any time outside of meal times and the staff are always on hand to answer questions. The home is really excellent in all respects.

Overall Standard: Excellent  Facilities: Excellent  Care/Support: Excellent  Cleanliness: Excellent 

Activities: Excellent  Facilities: Excellent  Food & Drink: Excellent     Staff: Excellent  

Treated with Dignity: Excellent   Management: Excellent   Value for Money: Excellent  Safety/Security: Excellent

How likely would you be to recommend Norbury Hall? Extremely likely.

A.K Daughter of resident, review relates to Oct 2016