Newsletter - Roll up! Read all about it!

Goodbye September, we had so much fun with you. See you next year! We were very lucky to have a beautiful and sunny September. We did so many things that it’s so difficult to even remember all of it.


Baking was our activity number ONE! When the weather is cooler and leaves are turning red, everybody wants to sweeten up their lives. Every Thursday morning we make lovely cakes with bananas, chocolate or dried fruits. Afternoon tea wouldn’t be the same without these cakes.

Maria is our best chef. She knows every single step how to make perfect sponge cake. We trust you Maria! Do you know why we love Thursdays so much? Because of beauty afternoons! Every lady wants to be beautiful and have her nails and make up done, right? So while our gentlemen’s are watching TV and discussing news of the day, we are having so much fun with makeup.

Daily walks in the garden and Park and gardening are still on our list. Even if it’s autumn, flowers needs to be looked after. Christina has been the best gardener this month. She is so passionate about plants and never forgets to water flowers. We enjoy going to the park so much because we always meet nice people who come to say hello. Walking is a great exercise for everyone and we encourage you to do daily walks even if it rains!

We got a big donation from Janice’s family. Her husband donated a big bag full of buttons. We couldn’t be happier. Residents enjoyed doing crafts with these amazing little buttons. Different shapes, colours and sizes… we found it relaxing even looking at it. Danny, Leroy, Paddy. Mary Y. and Mary K. made a beautiful button tree. Next time you visit us, make sure to come and check it out! Another great game that we like is Bingo! Who doesn’t like to win prizes? This month we had three winners – Paddy, Danny and Doreen W. They got lovely gifts and cannot wait until next time.


This month we celebrated 3 birthdays! Kenneth, Rosella and Manuel had a lovely Birthday parties with balloons, cakes, candles and good friends! We believe that every year we are not getting older – we are getting wiser and wiser! J

We rounded off the month with The Tommy Parson Music Show! We danced and sang all afternoon as always it was a great success! Always nice to remember good old songs such as ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ or ‘You are my sunshine’. We cannot wait for the next show in December from Tommy!

Resident of the month is Robbie! He loves cooking, gardening and singing. When he sings, you can see how much he enjoys it and everyone get’s involved in a sing-a-long. He always wants to help and as he says – is a strong man. J

The days are going so quickly. We just had our BBQ party and now we are getting ready for Halloween. That reminds us that we always have to live our lives to the fullest, appreciate every moment and be grateful for what we have NOW!

We have had 2 raffles this month with the winners, William C and John G, well done! If our relatives have any more items they can donate to our raffles we would be very grateful, we have 3 more coming up in October and November!

Love, hugs and smiles,
Dovile xx